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5 Red Alerts advising you are in love with the wrong man

Relationships are beautiful. The love, the care, the presence of someone in your life, the tenderness – everything about a relationship is just beautiful. However, these beautiful feelings soon turn into the worst nightmare for you when you find that you are involved with a wrong man. Loyalty is the essence of any relationship. Sadly, in this world of selfishness, the feelings of true love and loyalty hardly exist. There are certain signs or so to speak the ‘red alerts’ that keep warning you timely that you are involved with a wrong man in your life. Following are the 5 Red Alerts advising you are in love with a wrong man.

  1. Your boyfriend doesn’t let you be yourself: the biggest of all red alerts :

    red alert for girls

A real relationship is loving someone for what kind of person he/she is and not for how you want him/her to be. Thus, if your boyfriend doesn’t love you for what you are and keeps on asking you to change your whole personality, it’s the time you dump him today.

2. Too many fights:

couple fighting

Little fights in the relationship are a normal thing for a simple fact that two different people will certainly have two different sets of personality. If you spend a lot of time with your boyfriend only in the fights, your relationship is not going to last for long. Too many fights make any relationship contaminated. It is therefore one of the most important red alerts advising you to part ways with your guy.

3. No hopes as to the future:

no future

Honestly, any relationship is not something that you would look up as a time pass. If you are in love with someone and he loves you equally, you must make sure that the relationship in between you two lasts for a longer time and not for a week or a month. Thus, any relationship which does not promise you a future is not something that you must stick too. It is one of the red alerts that you must step out of it at the earliest.

4. Lack of chemistry:

lack of chemistry

You do not share that level of chemistry or understanding that is usually shared by two people who are immensely in love with each-other. You either lack loyalty or understanding. If this is very frequent into your relationship, then you must step out of it today.

5. No excitement at all:

couple in bed

You have come to a point where you do not feel anything about the relationship. The excitement walks away from you and so do the warmth and the essence. When your boyfriendtoo responds in the same manner, you must not stick to it. You must either let the things work out or just let go.








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