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5 tourist scams you need to be careful while travelling abroad

Traveling abroad is pretty exciting. It’s just like a little break from a monotonous lifestyle of a person when he sees new places, meets new people as well as explore the foreign culture. Everything while traveling abroad goes very smooth until you become a target of any tourist scam in their country. Yes! A many people do suffer from tourist scams in the foreign country. So, if you are traveling abroad you must keep a check on following tourist scams in order to avoid yourself from unwanted fuss.

tourist scams

  1. Free Rosemary or Bracelets: one of the most famous tourist scams

The scam of rosemary or bracelets is very much famous in the foreign countries that directly prey on the female tourists. The locals there approach the females to chat and then place are ‘free’ friendship bracelet on their wrist. If not the bracelet, they hand them a sprig of Rosemary indicating good luck. Once you take it, they demand money. You must not allow yourself to put anything on your body and take care with one of these useful tips for tourist scams.

2. The deceptive ATM helper:

Never ever trust any person who helps you with your ATM process. These people scan your ATM card using the card skimmer and also watch you enter the pin inserted by you in order to drain your account afterwards. You must keep this scam in mind while traveling abroad.

3. Various expensive décor deals:

One of the most useful tips for tourist scams that you must avoid while traveling abroad is not to get influenced by the random people who come up to you and sell all the amusing and decorative products such as carpets, gemstones, local souvenirs and many more. These products, as a matter of fact are fake. You must save yourself from such kind of tourist scams.

4. Frisky local women:


Dear men, not every woman who offers you a smile or a helping hand could be smiled or helped back. This is one of the most widespread tourist scams that directly targets the male tourists. These women either trap you in an expensive bill at a hotel and a bar or rob you.

5. Photo offer:


Any local offering to click a picture for you while you are traveling abroad? You must not trust him. He may run away with your expensive DSLR. Beware!

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