6 Yoga Asanas You Must Do To Get The Perfect Figure

Yoga asanas have proven it to be quite helpful in restoring the actual definition of the word HEALTH amongst people from across the world. In fact, this particular Indo-origin exercise form has been more beneficial to the population than any other exercise. It’s indeed a low-force exercise, not involving strenuous activities that might tire you out.

In fact, Yoga is said to be one of the most peaceful and rejuvenating exercises, something that will make both your body and your spirit flexible. It’s sort of a healing process where you can heal yourself and create something new. People who suffer from trauma, PTSD, depressions, injury pains and even those who are pregnant are engaged in Yoga.

Benefits of the Yoga asanas

The Yoga asana and their benefits go on a long way and they are really impressive when it comes to having an overall development in yourself. Let’s have a look at the benefits!

  • Yoga benefits can be counted as a source of having an all-around development in your fitness, starting from being physically fit to a socially active person.
  • Yoga asanas are quite effective for losing the weight and having the normal BMI value.
  • Highly depressed people get a relief by doing the Yoga exercises.
  • For spiritual upliftment, Yoga seems to be the best option.
  • To increase body’s immunity and have a longer lifetime, Yoga is certainly your next best option.

6 Yoga for weight loss with pictures

As said, the primary reason why people involve themselves in this exercise styles is to have a toned figure with the correct proportion of muscles and curvature of the body.

Here are the Yoga asanas with the yoga poses images for weight loss!

  1. Uttanasana


In this asana, you will have to bend over and let your palms rest flat against the ground with head hanging freely in the upside down way. It is best in stretching the calf muscles along with giving inward pressure on the abs. People with back injury must avoid this asana.

2. Padmasana 

padmasana yoga asanas

This pose is called the lotus pose, the one where Buddha gained his enlightenment. It is known to reduce the depressive thoughts of the people and it also puts pressure on the knees and the ankles, making the joints flexible.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana


This stretching and balancing pose includes stretching forward with keeping the hands flat against the ground, away from your feet. The head should be parallel with your hands and facing towards the toes.

4. Parivrtta Trikonasana


This asana involves stretching your legs apart and then bending forward to touch your feet with your fingers. Make sure to make a criss-cross with the hands and keep both your arms parallel while touching your feet.

5. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana


Here, a loop is made with both the hands behind your head with one arm going from above. The leg corresponding to the direct arm connected in the loop must rest at your triceps of the joint while the other one should be bent.

6. Dandayamana Dhanurasana


This bow pose is a good yoga asana is a good exercise to stretch the muscles of your abs and your thighs as the main pressure will be there.

Anant Ambani lost around 108 kilograms by doing yoga, walking, gyming and low carb diet. So take the inspiration from him and follow above asanas to get the perfect body.

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