A trip to Corsica

You must have seen Ranbir and Deepika having the time of their life in the beautiful island of Corsica – and this is what Corsica is about, Fun and myriad of Fun.

Corsica is a beautiful French island located in the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful island entertains everything that any holiday-lover would ever look for. Because of its picturesque spots, lush green view and crystal clear water, it is considered as one of the best tourist places among all the people.

Corsica beaches

Corsica tourist places are full of fun, joy and adventure. Planning a trip to this beautiful island? Here are the top things that you can do in Corsica.

Get out for hiking and trekking in corsica :

Corsica is a paradise for all the hikers and trekkers. Walks here are available for anyone and everyone. There are more than hundred peaks to explore. The picturesque views of the rock fjords, citadels, watchtowers, chapels, granite outcroppings and the deserted beach covers with mountaintop villas are something that you must hunt while you are travelling here. Adventures in Corsica have no end.

For the music lovers:

If you are a music lover then this place will serve a heaven to you since it entertains a number of local music festivals for the locals as well as tourists. Listen to the ethnic Corsican music at the Polyphonic Chants which is a series of live vocal events. The popular groups like U FiatuMuntese, A Filetta and Barbara Furtuna shouldn’t be missed.

Go ancient:

prehistoric site of Filitosa

The prehistoric site of Filitosa is one of the best places to visit here. The figures on this site depict the primitive warriors that fought the ancient Egyptians. Thus, if you are into the love of ancient histories, this place is worth a visit. These mysterious stone heads known as menhirs and dolmens have been jut out from the ground.

Enjoy the nightlife:

Corsica nightlife

The nightlife in Corsica is full of fun and enjoyment. The famous clubs are like Via Notte, Le BelOmbra, LaCamargue are the best places to visit in if you are a night owl. They serve the best of the drinks. The crowd goes crazy on the grooving music.


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