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Beauty Hacks for Monsoon

Monsoons are around the corner. The clouds are all set to pour the first rain. With the downpour comes a lot of humidity which affects the overall beauty of your face and your hair. Here are the few beauty hacks for monsoon that would help you to keep yourself at par with radiance.

Avoid Hair Products: one of the most important beauty hacks

avoid hair products

One of the most important beauty hacks for hair is to avoid a lot of hair styling this season. Thus, you must keep yourself away with the harmful chemicals that have the tendency to harm your hair during the monsoon season. Use a light serum and ditch the heavy mousse this season. Do not let your hair open for long as it will create frizz in your hair.

Get a happy feet:


One of the most important beauty hacks that you must concentrate on these monsoons is to keep your feet clean. Make a DIY coffee scrub by the way of mixing sea salt, corn meal and coffee in equal amount. Add a few drops of almond oil to this scrub and rub it on your feet. Also, clean your feet using lukewarm water every now and then after returning back from the rains as there are higher chances of fungal infections during the monsoon. Go for a pedicure this season.

Keep your skin clean and moisturized:

face waah

Another important beauty hack for the monsoon season is to keep your skin clean and moisturized. The humidity in the rainy seasons tend to make the skin oilier. Thus, keep washing your face every now and then to avoid looking oily. If you have an oily skin, go for a soap-less gel based face-wash to keep your skin healthy. Drinking lots of water is also one of the important beauty hacks for skin.

Minimal makeup:

light makeup beauty hacks

One important thing for all the ladies who love makeup – don’t overdo your makeup in the monsoon season. Just apply a light makeup on your face wherever necessary. Use lighter shades of lipstick. Avoid too much of eye-makeup as there are chances of it to smudge. Always go for the products which are waterproof. This is one of the most important beauty hacks for face.

A sunscreen is a must:

sunscreen lotion

It doesn’t matter whether it is cloudy outside or not. You must put a sunscreen with a minimum SPF20 before you go out to protect your skin from damages.

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