Best 5 Customized Engagement Rings For Girls

Getting engaged to your loved one is like a dream come true and the moment when your fiancé slips the engagement ring in your ring finger is simple ‘WOW’, automatically bringing tears to your eyes. Though the meaning of the engagement rings will never change, the designs and the culture of the beautiful diamond and stone studded rings have surely changed a lot. In fact, nowadays, the different engagement rings for women are customized where the couple provides a design and the jewelry shops design the rings accordingly.

Let’s have a look at some of the customized engagement rings that will definitely entice you the most!

Flamboyant engagement rings for couples

engagement rings

Made out of a thin rose gold or silver gold band, this customized engagement ring designs for the couples is quite popular. The design exudes simplicity and yet shows the love you both have for each other. One end of the band ends in the initial of your partner’s name while the other is studded with either a diamond or a stone.

Rose gold diamond engagement ring with sapphire


Two small sapphire stones are placed along the axis of the princess cut diamond stone and the three gems are fitted in a rose gold frame with a thin band. The surround band around the diamond protrudes out a little on both sides in the form of small spikes.

Engagement rings with black and white diamonds


These types of engagement rings are made with a rose gold band, which divides into two overlapping loops in the front. In one loop, black diamonds are fitted while white, sparkling diamonds occupy the groove of the other one.

Turtle shaped silver gold engagement ring


The top part of the ring is made into a turtle shape where the central diamond forms the main rock while the head, the hands, and the legs are designed with small white diamonds. The entire design is made on a sparkling silver gold band that curves in the top.

Three stone ring customized style with silver band

3 stone ring

This engagement ring is made from a silver band with a cup-like shape on top where the central blue diamond is fitted. On both sides of this diamond stone, two small white stones are fitted that bring out the contrast of this three-stone engagement ring.

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