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Best 6 hilarious Sanju memes

The biopic of our very own ‘Sanju Baba’ has been creating quite a buzz throughout the entertainment industry ever since its very declaration came into notice. This roller-coaster ride of Sanjay Dutt has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani and the role of Sanjay Dutt has been played by the one and only, Ranbir Kapoor. After a long wait, the movie finally got released on the 29th of June, 2018 throughout the Indian theaters and as expected, the movie has been gathering an enormous response from an audience of all rounds. Everything about the movie – from its screenplay to direction to the acting, is getting appreciated by the people at large. Sanju movie performed very well at the box office, and at the same time, the movie also seemed to be receiving a positive response from the critics as well. A number of existing huge records have already been broken by this much-awaited biopic and it is even inching towards a box office collection of whopping Rs.200 crore at the Box office. Apart from all these permutation and combinations, what is making this movie more popular among the people, especially on the social media are the Sanju memes.

Everybody on the social media cannot stop themselves from creating a meme on Sanju movie, particularly on its very famous scene from ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ which has been recreated by the makers in this biopic. In this scene, Sanju’s character of Munna Bhai is seen asking the Dean if it is important for a person to fill a form even if he is on the verge of dying. Thus, the trollers on Twitter cannot stop themselves from creating a number of Sanju memes and entertaining the entire world by putting them in a lot of splits.

Here are the top five hilarious Sanju memes :

  1. “Woh Bollywood mein survive karne ke liye Karan Johar ki movie se debut karna zaruri hai kya?”

sanju memes on karan johar

2. “Woh agar Bank se loan liya toh wapas karna zaruri hai kya?”
meme on vijay

3. “Woh movie banana ke liye story ka hona zaruri hai kya?”
sanju meme on salman khan

4. “Woh US airport pe security checking ke liye nanga karna zaruri hai kya?”
meme  on sharukh khan

5. “Who Kammo ki shaadi ke liye Maruti 800 dena zaruri hai kya?”

meme for instagram

6. News channel ki TRP k liye meri tatti dikhana zaruri he kya …

most fummy meme for instagram


These top five Sanju memes have taken the entire internet by storm and everyone is enjoying posting, sharing as well as laughing on these Sanju memes with all their hearts. Sanju movie review has been very positive so far. Have you watched it yet?

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