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Best Beauty tips for wedding

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So, your wedding is round the corner……You must have been fretting about your clothes, jewellery, the venue, the guest list and the menu. Your constant thoughts would be, Rose or Lily?, Moroccan Theme Wedding or a Beach Wedding?, Gold or Platinum?, Which Wine to serve?, What should be given as a gift to the guests?  Your phonebook must be filled with the numbers of the florist, caterer and the decorator. Lady……stop giving yourself dark circles by taking too much stress and spending sleepless nights worrying over such issues. Your wedding planner is there to look after these issues. You are the bride- to – be, all you need to do is to look beautiful , follow beauty tips and enjoy each and every moment of your D-day. And in order to look beautiful on your D- day, it is very important that you start your beauty regime many days earlier to your wedding. Plan a beauty regime for wedding.


There are many functions and parties that are held before and after the wedding like bachelorette party, bridal shower, reception, and many more. You need to look perfect in each and every function and for this, you need to do a lot of preparations before you are left with no time.  If you have no idea how to do it, we are here to help you. Here, we are unfolding your Bridal Guide-

Start by marking the calendar and preparing a to do list. Mark the days remaining in your wedding and start this moment.

  • Book All The Appointments


Call your beautician and book the appointments for bridal makeup. Tell her what you are going to wear and how do you want to keep your overall look. Check out the bridal makeup videos. By watching these videos, you will get a sense of what’s the latest beauty and makeup trend and also these tutorials are a great help when you do not have a makeup artist with you. As you will not tkae your makeup artist to your honeymoon, these videos will teach you how to do basic makeup yourself.

Book an appointment for full body waxing. You would not to see any unsightly hair on yur body, atleast during your wedding and honeymoon period.

Get your brows done and also book an appointment for manicure and pedicure.

  • Beauty tips -Indulge in Spas

body spa

hair spa

Take a body spa, so that your body shines like a mirror on your wedding day and you would feel more confident while wearing your backless or strapless wedding dress.

Also, take a hair spa, so that your hair will be more manageable, silky and shiny.

  • Skin Care Regimen

beauty tips

Follow a strict skin care regimen. Your kitchen is the most amazing beauty parlour. Ask your granny about the age old natural beauty regimen. Ask her for beauty tips. There are also many beauty tips available on the internet.

Do not use any cosmetic product without the consent of your dermatologist. What if, you get an expensive cream just because it made your friend’s skin flawless and it caused you skin eruptions? Do not trust any beauty product.

  • Take A Healthy Diet

healthy diet

What you eat, shows on your skin. Eat healthy to make sure you look drop dead gorgeous in your wedding. Include the healthy food options in your diet and cut all the unhealthy stuff, atleast for a few days.

  • Workout


Not necessarily to loose weight, but to stay fit.

  • Get A Perfect Smile

dental patient

Visit your dentist before your wedding and flaunt a beautiful smile throughout your wedding and honeymoon period.