Best Cardio Workouts For Men

How do men perform cardio workout at the gym? They climb the treadmill, run for some time and then get bugged. While some make an excuse of less time and get away with the cardio workout. Men find cardio workouts hell boring. So, we have got quick cardio workouts for men, that are fast, not so boring and provide high benefits. So guys keep the excuses aside, spare 20 minutes for this complete body cardio workout and get going.

1.Overhead Lunge

overhead lunge cardio workout for men

Raise your hands over head. Put your right leg forward. Lower down the body until the right thigh becomes parallel to the floor and the left knee comes very close to the floor. Perform 10 reps in cardio workouts for men.

2.Skydiver Lunge



Get on the floor in pushup position. Push the body up and then lower down. Rest the belly on the floor. Now raise the legs and the arms upwards. Now again place the hands and the feet back on the floor and push the body back up. This completes one rep. Perform 12 reps in cardio workouts for men.

3.Glute Bridge


Lie on back on the floor. Bent your knees 90 degrees and heels flat on the floor. Extend the arms on both the sides. Now squeeze the glutes and raise the hips by pushing the feet into the floor. Raise until the thighs and the torso form a line. Lower the hips till they reach slightly above the floor. Perform 12 reps cardio workouts for men.

Take rest for 30 seconds and repeat the three exercises once more.

Do shadowboxing for 2 minutes. With both hands, throw punches. Shuffle your feet side to side, forward and backward.

4. Sumo Squat



Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Turn the toes 45 degrees out. Raise up the arms. Now, squat down pushing the knees out. Come up driving the heels into the floor. Perform 15 reps cardio workouts for men.

5. Pike Pushup



Acquire the pushup position. Keep your hands apart, slightly more than the shoulder width. Push the body backward to raise the hips in the air and the torso towards the floor. Keep the back straight and lower the body. Stop when the head is slightly above the floor. Press up. Perform 12 reps in cardio workouts for men.

6. Frog Thrust


Acquire the pushup position. Keep the feet wide apart. Hop the feet to the outside of the hands. Your position should be like you are just about to leap like a frog. Hop back in the starting position. This completes one rep. perform 12 reps in cardio workouts for men.

Rest for 30 seconds and repeat exercise number 4, 5 and 6.

  1. Climb up the staircase. walk back down. Hop and skip the stairs. Do this for 2 minutes.

For Core

Plank/ Side Plank Combo

cardio workouts for men


Acquire the pushup position. Lower the forearms to the floor. Hold on this position for 15 seconds. Rotate the body to the right. Rest on the left forearm and stack the feet, such that the whole body forms 90 degree to the floor. Hold in this position for 15 seconds. Rotate the body back to the floor and hold for 15 seconds. Now rotate the body towards the left and perform the same side plank. Note that your hips should be elevated.

The above given exercises are great home cardio workouts. You do not need to be at gym to do this workout.