Creatine- Uses And Side Effects

“Creatine”, is not a reek term for those who spend a considerable part of their day in the gym. Every man, who is into bodybuilding know what creatine is? And why is it important? But, still there are beginners, who do not know much about creatine and there are many things that the gym goes do not know about creatine. So, this article is completely dedicated to “Creatine”. What is Creatine? What does it do? What are the uses and side effects ? Why is it essential? And many more. So before investing into the best creatine, know everything about creatine bodybuilding.

uses and side effects

It is not wrong if we say that, Creatine is the most popular supplement for mass gain. It works well for the gym freaks and that is why it always stands out in the wide array of supplements. Creatine comes in flavoured powders which are mixed with liquid and consumed. It gives sudden boost of energy to the body, which is often required during work outs. It is due to this sudden boost of energy that Creatine provides, it has become a favorite among the gym goers.

Uses and side effects of creatine

  1. Increase workout intensity

High workout intensity equals to higher muscle mass.

  1. Increases recovery of the muscles

As creatine reduces the recovery time of the muscles, the rest time between the workouts also reduces. If the rest time is reduced, you get more time to train. And if you train more, you will get more muscular gains.

  1. Muscle Pumps

Seeing the muscles growing keep one motivated. Creatine causes retention of water in the body that in turn pumps up the muscles. It does not help physiologically, but nevertheless it will keep you motivated.

  1. It increases Metabolic Rates

If you are on a weight loss program, creatine is of great help. It increases metabolism. It also gives energy boost which is much required as the carbohydrate intake gets lower during the weight loss phase. Higher the energy, vigorous the workout.

  1. Boosts Testosterone

The levels of testosterone drop down when you reach thirties. This means no energy and no endurance. Creatine helps to boost testosterone levels.

Creatine Side Effects

  1. High doses of creatine can cause damage to heart, kidney and liver. Though there are no concrete proofs about it.
  2. It can also cause nausea, muscle cramps, stomach pain and diarrhea.
  3. Creatine draws water from the body and retain in muscles. This can lead to dehydration. This also gives false illusion about weight gain. But, the reality is that the muscles get pumped up due to water. It does not increase muscle mass.
  4. If creatine is combined with caffeine and ephedra (a herb), it can lead to some side effects like stroke.
  5. It can lead to a skin condition known as pigmented purpuric dermatosis, but no concrete proofs are there.

How to take creatine?

Loading Phase (5-7 days)- One serving (5g) with 200 ml water or non- acidic beverage of your choice 4 times a day for 5 days.

Maintenance Phase (21 days)- One serving (5g) with 200 ml water or non- acidic beverage of your choice once a day, preferably post workout.

Continue the cycle with two weeks gap. Drink latest 3-5 litres of water per day during creatine uptake.

Creatine should be avoided if you are suffering from kidney dysfunction, cardiac or hepatic disease.

Here, we also mentioned a list of the best creatine supplements-

  1. Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder
  2. Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder
  3. Promera Sports Con- Cret
  4. Muscletech platinum 100% Creatine
  5. RSP Nutrition Creade
  6. BPI Sports Best Creatine
  7. Com Foundation Series Micronized creatine
  8. Muscletech Creactor
  9. Muscletech Cell- Tech
  10. All American EFX KRE- ALKALYN EFX