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Croatia beat England in the FIFA world CUP, Twitterati comes forth to express the thoughts

The excitement of FIFA World Cup has been taking the entire world by storm and the super crazy fans are all into supporting their favorite teams – no matter how good/bad they fare on the playground. To add to this excitement, the most sought-after FIFA semi-final match was finally held this week and little did anyone know that the tables would turn this way!

The fans of their favorite team England met a huge disappointment when it was found that the underdogs Croatia beat England with a 2-1 score to enter their very first FIFA Worldcup Final. The victory of Croatia against the sturdy England took the entire world by storm and this is when the very common chant of the latter ‘It’s coming home’ experienced a quick shift to ‘They are coming home’. This astounding match in between both the teams resulted in a number of responses as well as top memes on the internet, where Twitter trolled England fans to their heart’s content.

Surprisingly, England fans took everything in their stride and proved the world of Twitter that they still had an amazing sense of humor regardless of the Three Lions crashing out the FIFA World Cup.

Following are some of the top memes and hilarious reaction from Twitter after this unexpected victory of Croatia against England in the FIFA World Cup.

  1. If England wins the World Cup, I am gonna need directions to that cave in Thailand.


2. ‘Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki apun hi bhagwan hai’. #ENGCRO #WorldCup.

3. Your team is coming home. #CROENG #CRO #WorldCup.

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4. England dispatched. @piersmorgan, IT’S COMING HOME, receive them at the airport. #CROENG.
FIFA world CUP



5. #England fans to their football team. #CROENG #ItsComingHome #SacredGames.

6. #ENG#ENGCRO#worldcup
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All eyes are on the FIFA World Cup finale now. May the best team win.


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