Destinations For Bachelor Party

So……your wedding is round the corner haa..? Happiness mixed with anxiety is something you must be experiencing these days. You must be on cloud nine and why not?, afterall a wedding is the most awaited affair in a person’s life. The moment you exchange vows with your lady love, your life will be changed forever. You will handover yourself to your spouse. Don’t you think before giving all your life to your beloved life, you should spend some time with your friends? This is what bachelor party is for . Getting spoilt, enjoying and having fun like monsters with your gang before you take a step into a more responsible world is no crime.

bachelor party

So, before you become a responsible husband, live some moments as a spoilt brat.

Take a look at the top destinations for bachelor party –

Las Vegas

Think about a bachelor party, think about Vegas. It is undoubtedly one of the best international destinations for bachelor party. There are many things that make Vegas the best place for a bachelor party. Try your luck at the casinos, booze like hell in the bar (but, make sure your future wife wouldn’t get a hint of it).

las vegas


Miami is all about beaches, bars, dance clubs, and bachelor party is also about beaches, bars, dance and clubs which make Miami one of the best cities for bachelor party in US.



Ibiza is surely one of the best cities for bachelor party Europe. The party capital of the world, Ibiza has the best clubs in the world. If you and your friends are EDM fan, Ibiza is the place for you. The EDM scene in Ibiza is unparalleled. Rent a villa and let your inner devil conquer.



If you do not have so much time left for the wedding and could not plan a trip abroad, our very own Goa will serve you the purpose and that too, in an amazing and economical way. Well, you spend heavy bucks in your wedding and it is acceptable, if you do not wish to spend a lot on your bachelor trip. In that case, head Goa, one of the cheap destinations for bachelor party. Here too, you will get everything that you need for a bachelor’s party. Nightclubs, bars, beaches and babes.

goa Casino goa


Bangkok is a place where you can afford to get totally- totally wild. The nightlife of Bangkok is amazing, so if you are looking for nightclubs, bars and beaches, Bangkok is the place.

bangkok (2)