Every girl carries her world in her bag. From cosmetics, to accessories, she is always armed with her essential weapons. Men would never understand why our handbag is the most important thing for us.There are many essentials in bag of every woman that she cannot do without.They are always intrigued about the mystery that revolves around a woman’s handbag. Those who are married or in a relationship are lucky enough to get a view into her world, but the poor single guys remain busy is speculating. So guys…… if you want to know what’s in my bag…..??, keep reading…

Makeup essentials and other stuff

Essentials For Girls –

We women always want to look good. Whether in college or office, we always want to look prim and perfect and hence, we always carry cosmetic products in our bag. Lipstick, gloss, compact, kohl pencil, liner and what not. We are always ready to go directly for dinner from the office as we have all the cosmetic products for touch up. We also carry essential jewelry or accessory in our bag to convert our office look to a party look. For the sunny days, we always have super stylish goggles in our bag,so you can carry these essential stuff in any of your stylish bag’s collection.

makeup items

We are also very hygienic and so you will always find a hand sanitizer in our handbag. When we are out of our home, we are subjected to dust and sweat and to deal with this we carry tissue papers.

Makeup essentials

Electronic Items

If we are in party, there is no way we do not tweet about it. We also have to keep our friends updated about our whereabouts. Uploading every amazing moment of the day on instagram is a must for us and also we have to keep a check on our boyfriend. But, unluckily our smartphones could not take all this and their batteries drain at the speed of a rocket and hence, we always carry essential items like mobile charger with us.


Electronic items

Girls are music buffs. It accompanies us wherever we go. An iPod in our handbag is mandatory. Though we always crib about putting on weight, but resisting a chocolate is a big task for us and so, we also have our favourite chocolate in our bag.


Essentials  like Sanitary napkins

When we say, it’s a bad habit to check a women’s’ bag; we say it for a reason. But, men will be men. They would never understand this. So, here, for once and for all we are letting you know why we hate anyone checking our bag. We carry many secrets in our bag. We have our secret diary in our bag and also sanitary napkins to be on the safer side.So we can carry all our essential items in this little world,all thanks to my handbag.

Sanitary napkins

So, now you know what’s in my bag?