Fashion bags for girls to carry

A handbag is every girl’s loyal friend. It carries every little thing what a girl needs in its little confine. A handbag is also an amazing accessory. It is one of the fashion accessories that a girl can’t do without. Believe it or not but, fashion bags are a girls most prized possession.

Check out the wardrobe of a girl and you will find numerous beautiful handbags. But, there is always space for some more..!! So, before you head on for a handbag shopping spree, take a look at the different types of handbags that you need to buy and update your wardrobe with-


Here you can checkout all your stylish bags under the same roof-

  • Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

It is a large, crescent- shaped shoulder bag. It is very roomy. You can almost carry your world with you wherever you go. It has a main compartment closure. Hobo bags are ideal to carry for a day out as it will carry all your essentials in this bag.

  • Clutch

clutch fashion bags


A clutch bag comes without handle. It is basically a long, rectangular evening bag. It could be bejewelled or studded with stones. It is great to carry to a party.

  • Envelope Bag

Envelope BagUntitled

As the name says, it resembles an envelope. It is flat, rectangular or square. The flap is triangular shaped which folds over the bag like an envelope.

  • Minaudiere


This little evening bag is to die for. One of the most beautiful handbags, if taken to a party, will turn all the heads. It could be studded with semi- precious stones, beads or metal pieces.

  • Duffle Bag

1 Duffle BagDuffle Bag


It is more of a travel or sports bag. The name Duffle comes from a town in Belgium of the same name. They are also known as the sea bags and were quite popular among the sailors.

  • Fashion bags -Fold Over Clutch

Fold Over Clutch

This clutch could be with or even without handle. It can be folded or tucked.

  • Atheletic Bag


The name says it all. This is a roomy bag and used to carry sports equipments and also to the gym.

  • Backpacks



These fashion bags are loved by each and every girl on the globe. The bag has two handles that sit on the shoulders and the bag rests on the back. You can also carry this bag on one shoulder. Backpacks are ideal to carry at trekking trips or picnics.

  • Messenger Bags



Messenger bags are large bags that have a long strap. The bag is carried across the body. They are durable, water- resistant and trendy. They increase the cool quotient.

  • Tote Bag

Tote Bag 1Tote Bag

Tote bag range from medium to large size and are also referred as “Shopper”. They have two starps and are quite roomy.

  • Bucket Bag

Bucket BagBucket Bag 2

As the name says, they are similar to the shape of a bucket. They have a shoulder strap and the top is usually open.

Till now, you must have figured out which bag is still needed to complete your precious bag collection. So, hit the market, look out for the best purse brands and get as many as you want as i have already said-“There is always room for more”.