Five Fashion Mistakes You always Commit

There is no single girl in this world who does not want to look like a diva. A woman wants to rule the world in every way. When it comes to good looks and fashion, she wants to nail it. She spends time in salon to look perfect. She work out and follow a strict diet to look perfectly sculpted. She shop for hours, wander in malls and spend half her life in looking for a perfect look online. But, unfortunately sometimes she commits fashion mistakes that take a toll on her style and personality.


In order to look a fashion queen, many women follow fashion blindly. They do not consider what is made for them and what goes with their personality. So instead of looking an epitome of style and fashion, they end up looking like a fashion disaster.

So, women, if you want to spare yourself from becoming butt of all jokes, go through these common fashion mistakes you always commit-

  • Wearing ill fitted dresses

  •   fashion mistakeskim-kardashian-pregnancy-green-1

Before you buy something, make sure it properly fits your size. Always wear well- fitted clothes. I have seen many women who wear too tight clothes in order to accentuate their figure, but trust me, they all look awful. Too tight clothes look awkward and you also don’t feel very comfortable in them. They also become pain in the eye of a person who looks at you.

  • Visible Bra Straps


Visible Bra Straps


Maybe you have paid heavy bucks to an online lingerie shop to get the sexiest piece, but let only your boyfriend enjoy it. Do not make it public, unless you are on a beach (Well, in that case to, you will have to wear a bikini). Use transparent straps.

  • One Color From Head To Toe

Image yourself wearing a red dress, red pumps, red bracelet, red fashion bags, red fashion accessories and red lipstick. In this case red would definitely equal to danger. Opt for some other color too., instead of going in the same color. Learn to break the monotony. But, black may work wonder, this way.

  • Bejeweled During Day

glittery dress Bejeweled During Day

Bling is surely in, but, there are special occasions and specific time of the day, where you can carry blings. Don’t go too bligy in a brunch.

  • Don’t Blindly Follow Fashion

Just because you have read something in the e fashion magazines or seen some models in the fashion photography catalogue or read a forecast of fashion trends 2016. It does not mean that you should follow them all. Decide your fashion yourself.