Five mistakes boys make in the gym

Boys love gymming more than they love their girlfriends. Yes! They certainly do. After all who doesn’t like to flaunt those six pack abs and a toned muscular body? However, a number of guys at the gym commit some stupid mistakes that restrain them from obtaining the physique that they have always been waiting for. Here are the five mistakes that boys make at the gym.

  1. Lifting too much weight from the very beginning: one of the top five mistakes

weight lifting

Boys, you must lift weight to obtain a great physique, however lifting too much weight at the beginning of your gym session isn’t a great idea for it would exhaust you to the core. Moreover, every work-out session starts with a warm up and some light exercises. So, why lift too much weight from the very beginning?

2.      Training only for the strength:

A proper gym session involves a warm up followed by cardio as well as strength exercises and is to be summed up with a good stretching session. However, a majority of boys concentrate only on strength-training forgetting the importance of warm up and stretching which later hampers a proper growth of their muscles. This is one of the biggest five mistakes that boys commit at the gym.

3. Forgetting the legs:


Legs, oh Legs! A proper body work out doesn’t only involve the upper body training, but lower body too. Thus, what these boys do is train themselves well on the upper body, forgetting the leg workout which makes their physique look incomplete. A proper gym session involves the workout of both types – upper body as well as lower body.

4. Taking 100 repetitions of push-ups, abs in one go:

five mistakes

Come on guys, you are a normal human being and not just some kind of machine. You must work within your own capabilities. Go for 100 push-ups and abs workout. But 100 push-ups and crunches in one go is little too much.

5. Say goodbye to cheat codes:

One of the biggest five mistakes that a majority of boys commit during their gym session is mistaking in their form. Whatever exercise that you perform, its form must be maintained well.

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