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Get smokey eyes in 10 steps

“When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes.”, said Victor Hugo. So ladies, now you all know how important your eyes are. They are the window of your heart and soul. So, if you are truly sexy and sultry at your heart, it should reflect in your eyes. What could be a better way to expose the sexy diva inside you than a sexy eye makeup. Smokey eyes are the best way to grab the attention of the world

smokey eyes tips

Trust me ladies, when your man will look into your eyes, he will truly get hypnotized. Your eyes will grab him and he will be totally under your spell. So, gear up to conquer the heart of your man all over again with this beautiful eye makeup

Here in this article we have described step by step Smokey Eye Makeup. Smokey eyes are the hottest rage amongst all the fashionistas. They are hot and voluptuous. Now, you can also master the art of getting the sensuous smokey eyes. So, let’s get started-

You will need




Eye Shadows- Three shades of a color ( a light, a medium and a dark)



Eyelash Curler


Soft Blending Blush

Step One– Smokey eyes guide –Start with a Primer

Apply primer over your lids. This prevents smearing of makeup. Applying primer is a must as nothing can be worse than smeared make up.

primer on ,lids


Step TwoConceal the flaws

Conceal properly the under eye circles using a concealer. Blend the concealer well using your finger or a brush. Then with a fluffy brush, dab a translucent powder all over the under eye area.



Step ThreeLight Shade First

Take the lightest of the three eye shadows. Take the eye shadow brush and apply the shadow on the inner corner of the eyelids, both upper and lower. And also, apply this under the whole length of the eye brow.

Step Four- Medium Shade Then

Take the medium shade and apply all over the lid. Blend it nicely with the lighter shadow at the corner of the eyelid. Smudge it over the natural crease of the eyelid.

Step FiveDarkest Shade Last

Now, take the darkest shade. From halfway inward of the lash line, sweep it back up and halfway inwards to the crease of the lid. It should form a ‘C’ shape. For a more drammatic look you can also form a ‘<‘ shape rather than C.

Sweep this darker shade under the eye on the lower eyelid halfway inwards.

Smoky-Eye step 3 4 5


step 5


Step SixBlending and Smudging

This is the most important step, blending and smudging. The worst thing you can do to your smokey makeup is to leave sharp lines. Blending smoothly is the key. Start with blending the lighter shade into the medium one at the corner of the eyelid. Work the brush in ‘C’ shape. This will blend the two shades smoothly and will create the ombre effect.

Now blend the darker shade outward and upward towards the browbone. It should appear like the dark shade has faded into the skin.

Step Seven- Highlight the Brow Bone

Take a shimmery highlighter and blend it along the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes (a white liner can also be used at the inner corner of the eye) . You can also use lighter or neutral eyeshades like ivory. You can also use the lightest of the three eyeshadows that you are using.

Step Eight- Apply Eyeliner

Now, apply the eyeliner over the upper lash line. You can create a cat eye or a smudge look.

  • To get the cat eye look, start applying the liner from the inner corner to the outer and finish it is a tapered line slightly before the edge of the shadow.
  • To get the smudge look, apply a thick line with the eyeliner and then smudge it using a brush or a finger.



Step Nine- Tightline the Eyes

Tightline your eyes. By saying tightline, we mean lining the inner rims of both the eyelids (waterline) with a kohl pencil or an eyeliner.

step 9

Step Ten- Finish With Mascara

This is the final step. Curl your lashes and finish the look with mascara. Apply two coats on the upper lash and single coat on the lower lash.

step 10


If accidentally, some eye shadow or mascara has fallen on your cheeks, wipe it out using a brush.