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Hurray!!! Way to go Proud Menstruation wins !!!

oscars awards for period

In this latter-day who would have thought that menstruation would be talked upon so openly and the short movie of just 26 mins named Period. End of sentence would win #OSCAR2019 in the category of Best Documentary Short. They are demonstrating through their movies, the dilemma of Indian rural ladies during menstruation. They have covered how girls in villages are not allowed to right to education and are devoid of basic hygiene necessity like pads. People shy away from speaking on the monthly cycle which is actually a part of human being’s cycle of life. Just to make it a casual and bare-faced issue various filmmakers are keeping no stone unturned.

Menstruation is often linked with social taboos and cultural myths. Now it’s the time when men, as well as women, must be bold enough to acknowledge “those times of the month” is totally natural and routine process of human bodies.

Movies on periods like #Padman, despite being such a forbidden topic are accepted by many and padman challenge of signing on the real pads has been taken up by the famous celebs furthermore creating a buzz. Period. End of sentence is a straightforward, light-hearted yet poignant take on the less talked about topic in India. In the movie, a group of women learns to operate a bio-degradable, easy to use low -cost sanitary pad making machine and reach up to every girl who is in need of it at a minimal price. Also, giving employment opportunities and helping women to become financially independent.

Especially in interior rural areas, today sanitary napkins are still need of the hour, It is must for feminine hygiene and a way of #selflove. Menstruation subject movie winning an Oscar would be a great way to stimulate destigmatization for each one of us. Due to the awareness created, sanitary pad vending machines have been installed in public places like malls, railway stations, etc to provide pads to girls spontaneously. Also, online sanitary pads in a large variety of brands are easily accessible at our doorstep now. In a real sense, this is what #WomenEmpowerment is.

2019 has been great as we have won Oscar on our short documentary movie: Period. End Of Sentence. Indian women are growing financially and mentally on this matter. It is rightly said that” Change begins at home” and if women of today take charge for the advancement, there is nothing that could obstruct them. In fact, teaching men at our home about their girl’s monthly trouble is a way to develop a healthy and happy India.

A new revolution of educating girl’s father on the menarche of her first period is trending through video campaign #PadsForDads which showcases how a father comforts her teenage daughter in her first menstruation time when her mother is away for work. Dads and brothers of our country are required to do the “Bloody Conversation” with their daughters and sisters respectively to become worthy of their girls to confide and find comfort in those times of the month.

Even Twitteratis had their say on the menstruation historic moment of our nation

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