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He is the first Asian to win this prestigious title. Meet the dapper, Rohit Khandelwal who has created a history by becoming the very first Indian to win the very coveted title of Mr. World 2016. The grand finale of Mr. World 2016 was held in Britain where this handsome hunk became successful in defeating 47 other participants from around the world. This grand event took place on the 19th of July, 2016 at the Southport Theatre in Liverpool.

Rohit Khandelwal: the humble, simple guy:

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After 12 long days of several interviews as well as hard physical challenges, this gentleman from India has bead 47 other finalists for the exclusive title of the ‘World’s most desirable man’. Rohit Khandelwal is an Indian actor and model who hails from Hyderabad. Rohit feels immensely ecstatic and proud about his huge success. He looked at his handsome best wearing a tuxedo designed by NiveditaSaboo, the couture designer. Rohit along with winning the title of Mr. World 2016 has also won a whooping prize money of $50,000.

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Rohit, in his statement said, “I still cannot believed that I have won the title of Mr. World. Being the first Indian ever to win this title internationally makes me immensely proud and ecstatic.” Rohit’s friend and photographer, Sayan Sur Roy said that he had seen his friend transform from a ‘humble, simple guy’ from Hyderabad into a ‘sharp looking model and actor’ he is today.

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Rohit khandelwal was earlier crowned as the Provogue Personal Care Mr. India World 2015. He has been trained by various experts in the glamour and fashion industry. The experts like SupreetBedi, Sabira Merchant, Prasad Bidapa, SandeshMayekar, JamunaPai, Kromakay, SwaroopMedara, Amit Khanna as well as RukshanaEisa. Rohit Khandelwal was also given a special circuit as well as football training in order to increase his level of endurance and to perform numerous physical challenges demanded at the pageant.

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Rohit Khandelwal was encountered competing for different sub-titles at the pageant such as Mr. World Talent, Mr. World Multimedia Award, Mr. World Sports Event as well as Mobstar People’s Choice Award. Rohit along with winning the title of Mr. World 2016 also won the sub-title of Mr. World Multimedia Award.



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