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We all must have heard a famous saying called ‘A New York minute is a Hong Kong second’. This is the beauty of Hong Kong. This autonomous territory of China, apart from being one of the most important commercial cities of the country is one most popular tourist destination of the world. Millions of tourists visit Hong Kong to have the time of their life by indulging in one pleasure-some activity or the other. It is beautiful, glittery and fascinating. Here are the top things that you can do during your visit to Hong Kong.

1. Catch the awesome view of the city from the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong:

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
This is the best thing that you could ever do here. The Victoria Peak is the most famous attraction of the city. It rises 1,805 feet above the level and fetches you some breath-taking views of the Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbor, Kowloon. You can take a ride on the Peak Tram to reach this thrilling destination.

2. Ride on the famous Star Ferry:

Star Ferry
You must include riding on the famous Star Ferry in your top things to do in Hong Kong list. This ferry transports around 20 million riders all across Victoria Harbor every year. This ferry is the most convenient way to travel between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The charges are nominal but the fun involved is simply priceless.

3. Shop your hearts out in the Street Markets:

Street Markets 2
The street markets of this city among the best places to visit in Hong Kong. As soon as you start exploring these markets, you will come across more than 100 stalls lined up in a series selling some wonderful varieties of clothes as well as accessories. The famous street markets of Hong Kong include Apliu Street Market, Ladies’ Market, Car Street, etc. You can shop for watches, apparels, antiques, footwear, fashion accessories, decorative pieces, culinary and many other goodies from these street markets.

4. Pay a visit to the Historic Temples:

Historic Temples of hong kong
The historic temples are considered as one of the best Hong Kong tourist places. There are various historic sites where you can pay a visit and spend a very peaceful time. The Man Mo Temple is considered as the oldest temple of the city. There are a number of monasteries in Hong Kong and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is the most popular destination among all. These historic places are all about a peaceful as well as spiritual atmosphere and you must visit here once.

5. It’s a spa time:

spa in hong kong
Your visit  would certainly be incomplete if you fail to visit the massage parlors and the spas here. Go for a perfect foot massage to alleviate all your tiredness. The spas of the famous hotels are high-end that promise you the perfect body massage that you will never find anywhere else. Relax yourself in these spas and enjoy the aromas of the essential oils used in the process.

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