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This guy proposed to his girlfriend for about 150 times before she noticed

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Every girl wants her love story to be like a fairy-tale. From the first best proposal to the day of wedding, she expects everything to be like a dreamland where she is being pampered by his boyfriend with his unconditional love and emotions. And why not? After all, the population of loyal and truthful guys is decreasing day by day. But do you know there is a guy who proposed 150 times to his girl before he received a response from her?

Meet Ray Smith who put his best foot forward every time to propose his lady love for marriage. Ray Smith today is the guy that every girl would want her boyfriend to be like. The 150 number of proposals that Ray showered up on his girlfriend clearly shows his unconditional love towards his girl. Ray collected all the different and unique style of proposing to her girlfriend before she finally said yes. The wedding proposal of Ray is certainly a long one that lasted for a long time along with a lot of patience, practices as well as ideas for proposing.

The first best proposal of the guy who proposed 150 times :

proposing day

The very first proposal made by Ray to his girlfriend began on the 31st of July, 2015 when he wouldn’t have thought that he would have to make many more efforts to hear a ‘yes’ from her girlfriend.

The Search:

Ray, the guy who proposed 150 times to his girlfriend only to listen a ‘yes’ revealed in an interview that why and what was the reason of such a lengthy endeavor of proposal made by him. According to him, he searched online for various ideas for proposing including some various unique styles such as flash mobs and some related unique style of proposing.

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No clue to her girlfriend:

best proposal of 150 times

Ray’s girlfriend, Claire Bramely didn’t suspect a single thing during this whole time of proposal made by Ray to her. It is very surprising that she didn’t notice a single thing. But as a matter of fact, she literally doesn’t. Strange, no?

When Claire spoke about the hindsight:

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Ray told that he was equally surprised. But according to Claire ‘it was exactly the kind of things he does.’ Together they said that hindsight is one wonderful thing and so is their wedding proposal. The unconditional love and efforts that Ray did to make this proposal worth remembering finally paid off a happy result.

It is the result that matters:

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The last proposal made by Ray was during the family party when he took up to propose to his lady love in front of heaps of people. Fortunately, everything went very smooth for Ray. Claire consented in a ‘yes’ straight away as she said she didn’t need to think about it.


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