Tips to lose the baby weight

Giving birth to a baby is undoubtedly the most divine feeling in the world. With motherhood come great responsibilities and some weight. Baby weight is something that every new mother cribs about. It is not very easy to lose baby weight but, neither is it impossible. Here, we share some handy tips to lose the baby weight. These tips are very handy and effective. Any new mother can lose ample of weight without intense diets and work outs.

Post pregnancy work out 

baby weight

You have taken ample of rest during your last trimester. Now, it is time to move out from the comfort zone. Start light weight loss exercises in expert guidance. Do not jump directly to intense work outs.

Post pregnancy work out

There are specific exercises that induce weight loss after pregnancy. These workout regimes are meant for the new mothers that fall easy on their body but, give effective results.

Eat smart to lose baby weight

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Eating smart is the key to lose weight. Eating healthy food fulfills the daily nutrition requirement and also do not put piles on the body. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Look for healthy food options like oatmeal with low- fat milk. Take mini meals throughout the day. Eat healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients and fiber like nuts, yogurt, whole- grain crackers, fruits, et al.

Drink lot of water


Drinking water is loaded with a lot of benefits. It keeps you hydrated and also boosts metabolism.

drink water

It supports baby weight loss. Drinking water also fills up your stomach. Thus, you do not eat a lot and put on more. Thus, indirectly assisting baby weight loss.

Post pregnancy weight loss by breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps in losing the baby weight. Breastfeeding burns about 600 to 800 calories each day. You can lose tremendous amount of baby weight alone by breastfeeding your baby. But, do not use it as an excuse to eat unhealthy food.


Naps induce loss of  weight

Naps induce loss of baby weight

An improper sleep cycle disturbs the metabolism and hence, it gets difficult for the new moms to shed the baby weight. Taking small naps helps in losing the weight that you have compiled over last nine months.