Top 5 best street markets of India

Street-shopping is pocket-friendly shopping. Street-shopping is budget shopping. Gone are the days of window-shopping now when the street markets are coming up with the latest fashion to suit all your trendy needs and pocket friendly budget. Here are the top 5 best street markets of India that you must explore to buy all the funky stuffs.

  1. Commercial Street, Bangalore: one amazing street markets

Commercial Street, Bangalore

Commercial Street is certainly a heaven for all the shopaholics. There are numerous shops selling the funkiest clothing – both branded and generic to the customers. Basically, this market once used to be a flea market, but today a number of big brands are also selling their products here. If you are hunting for the very famous Bangalore Mysore silk, you can get it here. This is the best street market in Bangalore.

2. Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar, Goa:

Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar, Goa

This street market of Goa is one amazing street market of India. This market entertains something or the other for every customers. It has culinary feasts, live music, drinks, etc apart from shops. You can get the funkiest clothes here along with Indian handicraft, gypsy boxes etc. at the most affordable prices. It is one of the top things to do in Goa.

3. New Market, Kolkata:

New Market, Kolkata

New Market of Kolkata is also among the top 5 best street markets of India. It is the paradise for all the bargainers where you can get the best stuff in the least price, of course depending on your bargaining skills. This market offers a wide variety of clothing, accessories, footwear and various other trinkets. The traditional Bengali stuff here is certainly worth a buy.

4. Colaba Causeaway, Mumbai:

ColabaCauseaway, Mumbai

ColabaCauseaway is certainly the best street market in Mumbai. This region is the best place for shopping. You can explore a wide variety of clothes, bags, beads, chains, shoes and purses here. This one is a famous spot for all the tourists as well as the locals. The stuff here is cheap and fashionable.

5. Sarojini, Delhi:

Sarojini, Delhi street markets

Sarojini is the hub of all kinds of budget shopping in India and it is one of the best street markets in Delhi. This area is cheap and compact for shopping. One great thing about this market is that there is a big scope of bargaining here and hence you can bargain your hearts out to get the best stuff. It sells everything at throwaway prices.

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