Top 5 craziest adventurous activities

Adventure: the term itself gives you an adrenaline rush. The adventure activities pull out all the boredom in you and make you a lively person all over again. Adventure is just like a fresh gush of air that fills you with ecstasy and excitement. If you are one hardcore adventure junkie you must have tried the following crazy adventurous activities. If you are not, then it’s the time you indulge yourself into the excitement of these amazing adventurous once in your life. There are various adventurous places in theworld where you can have the time of your life by indulging into these fun-filled moments.

  1. Scuba Diving: one of the most exciting adventurous activities 

    Scuba Diving

Well, enough of walking on the land, it’s the time you go underwater to discover what is the life under water like. If you are more than curious about what happens inside the water, you must perform scuba diving at the earliest. Your encounter with the beautiful marine life will thrill you. There are a number of adventurous places in the world that entertain scuba diving for all the adventure junkies.

2. Sky Diving:

adventurous activities

Whoever says sky is the limit probably doesn’t have dived into the sky. Sky diving is one of the craziest adventurous activities one could ever perform. Explore the winds, the heights, and the sky and dive your hearts out. There are many adventurous places to travel where you will find sky diving as the major adventure attraction.

3. Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is full of thrill and excitement. Climbing with bare hands or ropes or harness and reaching the very summit of the rock is one of the most exciting adventurous activities one could ever look for. If you are wondering where to go for adventure of rock climbing, Denver is the place.

4. Paragliding:


There are various adventurous places in India as well as in the world where paragliding can be performed in full-throttle. Thus, visit there and get ready to fly off the mountains. Explore the winds and the beauty of flying in the sky. Mendoza in Argentina is a great destination to perform paragliding.

5.  Extreme Biking

Extreme Biking

An easy biking may be monotonous, but an extreme biking is what we call an amazing adventurous ride. Enjoy the extreme biking on the adventurous crisscross and narrow roads. Take your cycles and bikes and indulge into this one of the craziest adventurous activities. Forget not to use the safety measures. The Waimea Canyon Downhill and the Road to Pachacamac are the best places for extreme biking.

So, these are the things to do before dying. Fulfill your bucket list now.

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