Top 5 healthy smoothies to get radiant skin

Strawberry fruit drink

Who doesn’t love smoothie? Creamy, refreshing and delicious smoothies are loaded with many benefits. Not only do they taste delicious but, also they come with numerous health benefits. Taking healthy smoothies is great for digestive system. It also boosts athletic performance and build muscles. It strengthens the immune system. It works as a detox agent inside the body. It causes weight loss. And ladies, you have one another reason to have smoothies. You can gulp down smoothies for radiant skin. Yes, healthy smoothies lend a natural glow to the skin.

Here we present you 5 delicious smoothies for glowing skin. These healthy smoothies are easy to make and benefit you at large.

Top 5 healthy smoothies to get radiant skin:

  1. Clear Skin Smoothie

clear skin smoothie

Getting clear skin is not an easy task. But, there are some smoothies for skin that give you a smooth, supple, flawless and clear skin. All you need to do is take one scoop of hemp protein, half cup organic blueberries, half bunch of dandelion green without stem, eleven ounces of coconut water, one- fourth avocado and a tablespoon of raw cacao powder. Blend them and get your dose of healthy smoothies to get clear skin.

  1. Coconut- Pear Dream

Coconut- Pear Dreamvv

Hemp milk is an important ingredient for healthy smoothies. Blend half cup of hemp milk, half cup coconut milk (or coconut water, if you want), 1 to two tablespoon hemp protein powder, one pear (peeled and cored), a handful of kale or spinach, a splash of coconut extract and a cup of ice.

  1. Noni Colada

Noni Colada

Noni Colada is also one of the healthy smoothies. Blend ten ounces of coconut water, ice cubes, four ounces chunks of frozen pineapple, a teaspoon of dried noni fruit powder, one- eighth teaspoon of ground cinnamon as well as ground nutmeg, sea salt and sweetener to taste.

  1. Green Tea Cooler

Green Tea Cooler

Out of all the healthy smoothies, this smoothie is most refreshing. , Take a cup of Stonyfield organic fat- free key lime yogurt, a cup of prepared, cooled green tea, half cup loosely packed mint, zest and juice of two lemons, a teaspoon of honey and two cups of ice cubes and blend them together.

  1. Sour Apple Smoothie

Sour Apple Smoothie healthy smoothies

This is one of the most delicious healthy smoothies. Blend together one Granny Smith apple, a banana, a cup of orange juice, a cup of Oikos Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt, half cup Stonyfield organic fat- free milk, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

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