Top 9 lower body workout for men

You may have pumped- up biceps, broad chest, well- chiselled abs, but those chicken legs will make you the butt of all jokes. Your legs can screw your complete personality. So, it is very important to include your lower body in your workout schedule. Lower body workouts are as important as upper body workouts. In this article we have compiled the best lower body workout for you.

Have a look- to these lower body workout ideas

1. Lunges



Stand straight holding dumbbells on the sides. There should be a distance of one foot between the right and left feet. Take a step forward with one foot and bend it. Now lean forward such that the other leg bends towards the floor. Now put the other foot forward and repeat the same process.

2. One Legged Squats



3. Squats



You can do it using dumbbell or barbells. Stand straight in an upright position. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Now, lower down your body till the knees are bent at 45 degree angle. Push the body back in an upright position again.

4. Dumbbell Step Ups



In both your hands, hold dumbbell. With one leg, step up on the step. Now step up on the step with the second leg and then step down. Repeat the procedure of stepping up.

5.Hamstring Bridges



Lie down straight on the back. With one foot placed on the ground, lift the other foot up. Hold it in that position. Lift your body using the hamstring. Lower down again.

6.Swiss Ball Leg Curl

lower body workout


Lie on you back. Keep the ball under the legs. Now, brace the abs and raise the hips without bending the knees. The heels should be on the ball. Bend the knees and roll the swiss ball in towards you. The hips should not touch the ground during the whole procedure.

7.Bodyweight Calf Raise

bodyweight calf raise


Keep your toes on the block and take support of a wall. Raise your heels until you come up on the balls of the feet. Lower the feet until you feel a stretch in the calves.

8.Barbell Calf Raise

barbell calf raise


Same as calf raise, but with barbells placed on the back of the shoulder.

9.Jump Squat

jump squat


Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart. Start squatting and stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Jump high. Land and repeat.

9.Jumping Calf Raise



Stand straight with feet flat. Now jump using the calves. Land softly into a half squat.

Include these exercises into your lower body workout routine to train your legs. You can also perform other exercises like front squat, pause squat, swiss ball wall squat, skater squat, Bulgarian split squat, Romanian deadlift, deadlift, single leg Romanian deadlift, leg press, kettlebell swing, barbell hip thrust, glute bridge walkout, single leg glute bridge, seated calf raise,  reverse table up, kettlebell press out, suspension trainer leg curl, overhead lunge.