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Which contact lenses are best for you?

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Ever wondered how two blue-eyed parents can have a brown-eyed child? Or what if one could predict a child’s eye color. Given a thought about why albino’s have a pink-hued eye? Which color eyes one possess is the best example of genes. Contact lenses are worn by millions of people around the world to change the eye color or for better vision. Though your friend cannot make out by looking at you, however, unusual bright colored lenses will grab their attention soon.

Like our dressing style, hairdo, nails, tattoo reflects one’s personality, make a statement or adds some funkiness to our day.  The same could be true for contact lenses as well.  It is very essential to wear them with profound safety, hygiene, and care.

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Color contacts lenses are available in the market or online ranging from as low as Rs.249 to Rs.3000.Colored eye lenses price depends on the type of contacts lens we need….like for example multifocal lens,  Bi-focal, toric lens, monovision and many more.

After selecting the contact lens types we need to choose the color of our lenses. The most trending colors of 2019 are Hazel color lens, Blue eye lens, Green contact lenses, Grey, Purple, Violet, and Honey contacts. It is vital to choose your color of lenses that suits your skin tone. Here is the list:

For dark skin tone –



3.Yellow Tones

For medium skin tone –




For fair skin tone –


2.Aqua color


Out of all green contact lenses and hazel color lens is most popular among celebs like Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Nina Dobrev. Some celebs like Selen Gomez even don’t shy away from flaunting blue eye lens. Grey is everyone’s all-time favorite. Millennial men are in no way lagging behind for the same.

Colored contact lenses can be categorized into 3 types-  Opaque tint, Visibility tint, and Enhancement tint. One can buy colored contact lenses online on websites such as Lenskart, Walmart contacts, LensBazaar, ContactsDirect, Lensico, Flipkart, etc.

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Top 10 Best Brands of Contact Lenses in India are as follows-

1.  Acuvue

2. Bausch and Lomb

3. Coopervision

4. Ciba Vision

5. Freshlook

6. Alcon

7. Biomedic 55

8. Sparkle

9. Silk Lens

10. Oxy max

Generally, contact eye lenses are prescription lenses worn in direct contact with our eyes. Their purpose is to correct refractive errors and maintain optic health. But lately, contact eye lenses are used for decorative or costume purposes. Experts have their say on zombie, Halloween or vampire color contacts stating that they could be proved harmful to our eyes. Instead of that, one could carry regular ones.

Some of the eye lenses side effects include–

  • If lenses are not properly cleaned, removed or inserted they can cause irritation leading to corneal infections, scrapes or scratches.
  • Sterilizing and disinfecting the lenses could be complex and cumbersome.
  • In some cases, wearing lenses could be uncomfortable especially when worn for a longer duration.
  • Wearing lenses is not an economical deal always. Buying disinfecting solutions in addition to replacing lenses according to prescriptions from time to time might cost you exorbitantly.
  • At some work sites, one needs to take extra precaution after wearing them.
  • Easy to damage or lose.

Regardless of all the cons, wearing colored contacts could add to our beauty by giving us a versatile look. Contact lenses with power permit larger side vision than spectacles. Plenty of variety is there in the market to suit n cater to each individual.

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